WhatsApp Planning To Introduce Premium Subscription Features For Business Users

According to reports, a WhatsApp premium subscription for instant messaging and calling is now available for beta users.

Based on a report published by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp beta users now have access to Premium subscription features. 

It is reported that the premium features are targeted to business users. This means, most of the newly added premium features will not be useful for the average users.

As per reports, premium account holders will get a contact link to their WhatsApp. It is a customizable contact link that can be changed every three months. This feature is introduced to help customers find a certain business more easily. Instead, of searching by phone number, they can simply use the contact link provided by the business.

A similar feature is already present in Telegram, which allows user to share their contact link with others. So in a way, WhatsApp is late to the party.

The paid WhatsApp version will allow users to connect up to 10 devices with a single account at the same time. This feature is introduced for the convenience of employees, so they can manage the business account better.

The premium version will also allow users to accommodate up to 32 participants in a single video call.

These features are currently in the beta version. So unless you are subscribed to the WhatsApp beta program, you won’t be able to use these functions. As of now, WhatsApp hasn’t made any announcement about releasing these features in the regular version. Even the pricing of these features is yet to be known.

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta has announced that WhatsApp will soon launch a “Call Link” feature that will allow users to create and share a link with others via the app. Users can send the link to anyone, who they want to join in a call. This feature is similar to the links feature available in Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

The tech giant has also announced that they are testing group video calls that could accommodate up to 32 people. However, they haven’t revealed any details about this feature yet.

As far as WhatsApp’s premium features are concerned, it is targeted at businesses. It is not known if the company has any plans to introduce the same features for average users.

People who have signed up for the WhatsApp beta program can try the premium features before it is released for everyone.

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