WhatsApp is Testing out the “Edit Messages” Feature with Select Users

How often does it happen that you accidentally end up sending a message that’s filled with errors? To be fair, it won’t be the first time someone struggles with such an error.

With Twitter and even Apple rolling out their “Edit Message” option, it isn’t surprising that WhatsApp is following suit. The messaging app previously launched the “Delete the Message for Everyone” feature, which has helped many redeem themselves before getting canceled.

But, ever since the release of that feature, most users have been looking for the Edit Message feature as well, and looks like WhatsApp is listening to what its consumers are saying.

The Edit message feature will come off as an extremely important feature for the WhatsApp user but looks like the developers aren’t providing every user access to this unique feature. WhatsApp is rolling out the feature in succession and it is currently available to a select few users only.

With the Edit message feature on WhatsApp, users will now be able to edit a certain message that they have sent but within a stipulated period. How long that period is for is still something that hasn’t been specifically cleared up by WhatsApp.

Reports from WABetaInfo shared a few screenshots highlighting this new feature that WhatsApp is currently in the process of testing. In fact, according to the information shared by the platform, the users will know when a message is edited, so things won’t be as inconspicuous as you think.

As per the screenshot that WABetaInfo shared, the “edited” tag will appear just underneath the message that’s been edited. 

Although WhatsApp hasn’t officially confirmed the period for the editing, WABetaInfo confirmed that the duration is 15 minutes only. So, you have a 15-minute window to edit the message, after which the edit option won’t be active for that particular message.

But, the editing feature is currently in development and only a select few people have access to the feature as of now. It will take some time until it is available to the public. So, if you are excited about getting the feature, we’d have to say that you’d need to wait things out for a little bit. 

Additionally, WhatsApp is also testing out a paid feature for WhatsApp Business users, which is going to be a subscription-based plan. With this feature, the users will have access to a lot of business tools to augment the business experience.

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