What Should You Care About When Downloading a New App?

Applications have transformed our lives. They have made our lives easier and kept us entertained and they are transformative as well. However, do you download random applications without worrying about the consequences? And, where do you generally download your applications from?

You’d think that downloading an app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store will be safe and technically it is, but there are a lot of other factors involved too. Ideally, you have to keep your data safety into consideration.

We will discuss more on that in this article.

Personal data access permissions

When you download a new app, you are bombarded with new incoming on-screen instructions where you need to provide personal data access permissions to be able to use the app. It could be for messages, access to photos, etc. But, do you think it’s normal and not invasive? Unless it’s a calling app and it asks for access to your phonebook, the data access permission should be taken into consideration. Don’t access all the access permissions if you think it’s unnecessary.

Security concerns

There are hacker-developed applications that are available on the internet. You might download it without knowing but the moment the app is installed on your phone, you are at risk of jeopardizing your personal information. Some kinds of malware often lead to the auto-installation of apps that further cloud your phone’s system and fill it with more threats. Look out for new applications that you didn’t install. It could be a potential sign of a malware attack.

Unwanted programs getting installed

As we said, when you download a malware-infested application, there are risks that the malware attack will start a chain of downloads of unwanted apps that further impose a threat to your phone’s security. Keep a check on bundleware when you are downloading applications to your phone. Although these extra apps might be completely harmless, they do impose risks to the software’s speed and efficiency.

Downloading from random websites

We are often tempted to download applications from random websites, thinking we’d get access to the premium version of the app without paying a dime. Although you might end up getting the benefit, they don’t come for free. Technically, when you are downloading apk files from the internet randomly and not from official app stores, you are putting your phone at risk, without even saying anything. Most of these third-party apps are invasive and get access to your personal information without you knowing about it.


Downloading apps randomly is fine until you keep these above factors in mind. Sometimes, the last thing you want to do is find yourself downloading apps that leave your phone’s software infected with malware and unwanted apps. Keeping a check on the developer and the source of download makes all the difference. If you were randomly downloading apps without any inhibition, we hope that this article gives you all the details you need to keep in mind to practice safety when it comes to downloading apps to your smartphone. 

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