Truecaller Launches Open Doors, a New Voice-Based App

The use of Truecaller has now become a part and parcel of everyone’s life, especially when it comes to keeping the call list safe and secure.

Following the popularity of Truecaller among the masses, the app developer has a new application around the corner. A new voice-based app, called Open Doors, as they announced on July 13, 2022.

As reported by Truecaller, the app will be 100% free and will be available across Google Play Store and App Store. So, both Android and iOS users will be able to access the application without any restrictions.

Further information on the application reports that the users will have to sign into the new app to access the features and usability. If the users aren’t on Truecaller, they can directly sign in to Open Doors using their mobile numbers and use an OTP verification method.

Also, the app requires only two permissions – access to the contacts and phone permission. Both of these permissions are justified, especially because it allows easy processing of the audio conversations.

Nami Zarringhalam, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder of Truecaller further reiterated the subject highlighting that Truecaller has completed 13 years of being operational. Over these years, the developers behind the app have been consistently learning about the ways people communicate.

The primary objective of Open Doors was created to provide a solution to one question, “how can we help people make new connections without being intrusive?” 

Zarringhalam further addresses such concerns and streamlines the natural form of communication. Also, users at Open Doors have complete autonomy over which conversations they partake in. The users can join using a link that you share or the ongoing conversations.

Open Doors also maintain the privacy and anonymity of the users in a conversation. So, the other users won’t be able to see the contact details of the other users in a group or conversation.

Also, the release statement further clarified that during the initial release, the application will be available in five languages – English, Hindi, Spanish, Latin, and French. Chances are that more applications will be added as per the user’s demand.

The company also clarified in their statement that any kind of conversation that happens on the Open Doors platform will be done in real-time. Nothing will be stored in their servers, which is a plus point for this specific app. What further features are available on this app is something we’d have to wait until the official release.

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