Reliance Jio is Cancelling All the Associated Disney+ Hotstar Plans

If you are an avid Jio network user, you likely know that the network carrier offers amazing bundled plans, especially for users with their Disney+ Hotstar subscriptions. These bundled subscription plans and network plans are not going to be around for long anymore.

In recent news, Reliance Jio has already removed two of their bundled streaming plans that offer the Disney+ Hotstar subscription on the side. Out of all the options that were available until now, only two of these subscription bundles are active at the moment.

Not many users were aware of these sudden cancellations, so it isn’t surprising that the news came as a disappointment to some avid Jio and Disney+ Hotstar users.

That said, the sudden cancellations and changes were first reported by Telecom Talk. The list of the Jio and Disney+ Hotstar plans that have been removed by the network carrier include:

  • Rs. 499
  • Rs. 601
  • Rs. 799
  • Rs. 1099
  • Rs. 333
  • Rs. 419
  • Rs. 583
  • Rs. 783
  • Rs. 1199 

The above-mentioned list of Jio plans isn’t available anymore. However, if you have previously recharged with any of these plans and they are active, you will be able to use them as normal. Once they expire, you’d have to recharge with a new plan to ensure the services aren’t discontinued.

However, despite so many cancellations, the Rs 1,499 plan and Rs 4,199 plans that club the Disney+ Hotstar subscription with it are still active. So, if you are an avid user of the said OTT platform, we’d recommend that you buy the designated mobile plan before it is removed as well.

Until now, Jio was the only telecom provider that was providing users with their regular plans and the Disney+ Hotstar subscription along with it. Although there has been sudden discontinuation of these mobile plans, we can’t exactly pinpoint why the same has happened.

Jio has not released any official information about the sudden elimination of these data plans, so at this point, we’d have to wait and watch what happens next. If you use Disney+ Hotstar regularly, we’d recommend that you look into getting a standalone subscription to the OTT platform instead of relying on Reliance Jio henceforth.

There are no reports as to how long these individual plans will last. So, even though the last two bundled plans that offer the Disney+ Hotstar are available, we can’t deny the fact that there are chances they won’t be available any further.

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