Microsoft is working on Xbox Streaming Device

If you are an avid gamer, chances are that you are aware of the Xbox gaming console and its wide range of video games. 

Last year, Microsoft confirmed that the company is working on an Xbox Streaming device. The news came after rumors made the round about the streaming device, along with pictures. 

While things were very superficial with very little news and confirmation last year, it looks like we have a more concrete confirmation and updates this time around. Redmont giant and Microsoft have both confirmed this new development and shared images of the upcoming streaming device too.

The news surrounding the Xbox streaming device further sparked when Microsoft’s official Twitter account congratulated Bethesda for completing the 25th anniversary of Fallout, a popular role-playing game. 

In the tweet, a vault boy was standing on Spencer’s shelf. But, it was another thing available on top of the shelf that caught the attention of Twitter users. The users were quick with their observation skills to spot the Xbox streaming device in the pile.

According to the reports, Microsoft’s Xbox streaming device was named Keystone. According to the initial information, this streaming device will provide the user access to Xbox Cloud Gaming and content streaming services across multiple platforms.

However, despite the excitement and the floating rumors surrounding Microsoft’s Xbox streaming device, there are no reports about the official launch yet. 

Recent news on the Verge reports that Microsoft is currently in the development and refining process of the streaming device and it is going to be available in the market very soon. But, even they weren’t able to provide the users with a confirmed date or even an update regarding a tentative date.

Although most Twitter users were excited seeing the potential Xbox Streaming device on Spencer’s shelf, it is important to note that the same device will not be accessible to the users. According to Spencer’s tweet following the outrage, it looks like the one seen on this shelf is nothing but an early prototype.

So, at this point, it is a cruel waiting game until Microsoft is done with its design and development process for the streaming device. 

Microsoft has also recently acquired a client for their Xbox Cloud gaming, alongside the Xbox TV app for Samsung TVs and monitors. We’d have to keep an eye out for all the latest updates that will follow suit.

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