Google Introduces New Update to Clock App for Pixel Tablet

Google has very recently introduced the Pixel 7 smartphone, along with the Pixel smart watch in their most recent event.

Besides these much-awaited models, Google is also in talks to release a Pixel tablet in 2023. However, as we gear toward the release of the new tablet, we need to realize that Google also has to update a variety of first-party apps to accommodate the bigger display.

Amidst all the other options, the Google Clock is the one that most users are now on the lookout for. The redefined and improved version of the Google Clock 7.3 version is already being rolled out to Android users.

If you are confused about the feature updates and what’s new, the new Google Clock is expected to bring forth a lot of improvements, including redesigned timers.

Reports suggest that the new 7.3 updates will introduce a new outline and a brand-new interface as the clock and timer runs. The new clock will also feature a new “x” button on the top-right corner, enabling users to close the timer when it’s not needed.

The new “x” will replace the staple trash button that was previously available in the standard Google Clock app. 

Besides that, the Google Clock will also introduce a series of updates to the ways a user can schedule alarms on their devices. From scheduling an alarm before an important meeting to scheduling one before a flight, there’s a lot that has changed with the new Google Clock update.

However, setting these momentary alarms will mean that they will fire up on the same day each week and at the same time. So, you’d have to remove the alarm once your work with it is done.

Now for the updates for the Google Pixel tablet, the new timer redesign will also be equally well adjusted for the tablets. There will be a new screen saver feature available with the new update, enabling users to have a fun experience with the device.

Twitter user Mishaal Rahman went on to share further updates on these upcoming changes to the Google Clock, meaning that the new interface will also come with a few code updates mentioning “Titan” in the code, which is a cryptic way of naming Pixel Tablet.

What more updates happen with the other Google apps is something we’d have to wait and look forward to in the coming days.

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