Facebook is Bringing Back the Old Feed Style and Users can’t Keep their Calm

If you are an avid Facebook user, you likely know the struggle with the news feed. From random updates to lack of organization on the feed, everything was utter chaos and left the users in shambles. 

For the new Facebook users who are confused about what we are hinting at, it’s the chronological news feed that enabled users to catch up with all the posts that they missed out on in the last few hours or even day.

Moreover, Facebook is also going to take away the “Suggested for You” posts that were a very frequent addition to the Feed tab. Doing so is expected to restore the more personalized navigation experience that users had before the sudden change.

Another new change that the few upcoming updates will bring is the inclusion of the Feed option, which will be a lot different from the standard feed that we have now. The new Feed option will only include the posts and pictures shared by the users in the person’s friend list, offering a more tailored user experience.

The main feed, which has the suggested posts and ads popping up here and there, will now be part of the Home tab on the Facebook app.

Further announcing the incoming changes to the app, Zuckerberg reported that another important change that the users were particularly looking for was ensuring that they don’t miss out on any of the posts that their friends shared. This was the reason behind the inclusion of the “Feed” tab which will bring together all the recent posts made by friends.

The feed tab will offer a more customized and personalized navigation experience to the users on Facebook.

How can I get the Chronological Feed?

The Feed button or tab on Facebook will likely be available with the upcoming updates that the app releases. However, if you already have the update, the easiest way to navigate between the Home and the Feed tab is to check for the icons on the top of the screen.

The two tabs should be available side by side, allowing you to choose the option that you think would be an ideal pick for you.

Also, there will be a Favorites tab, wherein the users will get a comprehensive look into all the posts made by the top 30 friends in the friend list, much like how you have on Instagram.

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