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eExams - Current students - Monash University


Many of your in-semester and final assessments may use Monash's eAssessment platform – these online assessments are called eExams.

eExams - Current students - Monash University
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Monash has two supported assessment platforms: Moodle (ELMS) and eAssessment. Both in-semester and final assessments can be delivered via either platform, ...

How to login
  • 1. Go to the Monash eAssessment website (https://eassessment.monash.edu).
  • 2. Click on the ‘Login’ button in the top right corner of the page.
  • 3. Enter your Monash username and password in the login fields provided and click ‘Sign In’.
  • 4. You will then be logged into eAssessment Monash and can access your courses, assessments and other resources related to your studies or research work at Monash University.

How eExams work - Current students - Monash University


Accessing your eExam. If your final assessment is an eExam, click the eAssessment platform link, then navigate to your unit's eExam. You'll need to copy the ...

eAssessment - Supporting your students - Monash University


The platform used for the online assessment (Moodle ELMS or eAssessment); Whether the exam will be open or closed book; What maintaining academic integrity in ...

On-campus eExams (Australia) - Current students


Bookmark the link to the eExam platform: https://eassessment.monash.edu. Make sure you know your Monash account password as you'll be using an incognito ...

eExams with online supervision - Current students


Monash has designed and built its own eAssessment software platform, which includes a supervision function (Monash eVigilation), to supervise online assessments ...

The Monash Student Relationship with Academic Integrity


To provide world-leading academic integrity, Monash developed our own in-house eAssessment platform. eAssessment. ○ Two-factor authentication.

eAssessment Service - Catalyst IT Europe


Catalyst IT and Monash University have been working together to deliver an eAssessment suite of tools (online exams) for Monash University's student base, ...


Q: What is eAssessment Monash?

A: eAssessment Monash is an online platform that provides students and staff with a range of digital assessment options. It allows for the delivery, marking, storage and distribution of assessments at Monash University.

Q: How do I access eAssessment Monash?

A: To access eAssessment Monash, you will need to log in using your student ID number and password. Once logged in, you can check upcoming assessments, submit coursework and review your past results.

Q: What type of assessments can I use on eAssessment Monash?

A: You can use a variety of digital formats for your assessments such as quizzes, surveys, multiple choice questions and essay responses. You can also upload audio files or images if required.

Q: Can I get help with my assessment if I'm having difficulty?

A: Absolutely! If you are having trouble understanding the instructions or completing your assessment then please contact your lecturer or tutor for support. The Student Hub also offers a range of services to assist with academic success including support with technology issues and study skills workshops.

Q: Is there a deadline for submitting my assessment on eAssessment Monash?

A: Yes - all assignments must be submitted by the due date stated on the course outline in order to be eligible for credit towards your studies at Monash University. Late submissions may incur penalties so make sure you plan ahead!


To complete the login steps, make sure that your device is connected to the internet. Follow all the steps correctly and get access to your account.

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