Creative Lock screen Replacement Apps for your Android Smartphone

When you buy a new smartphone, being considerate of its appearance, especially of the lock screen is quite important. If you are bored with the same two lock screen layouts and want to spruce things up, we’d recommend looking into lock screen replacement apps. 

There are quite a few available ones on Play Store. But which ones are worth the time? We have sorted out our top picks.

Solo Locker

The best part about using Solo Locker isn’t even in the layout. It is the wide range availability of the amazing wallpapers that you get access to. Everything is assorted into categories, making it easier for you to pick a specific lockscreen wallpaper and call it a day. Besides the wallpaper background, the functionalities of this app are quite pronounced too. You get to indulge in high-end security features, which is quite promising.

Ava Lockscreen

Amidst all the available lockscreen replacement apps, Ava lockscreen is a fairly new inclusion and is quite underrated too. One of the main reasons why most users don’t prefer using this is due to the pop-up ads that can be quite intrusive. Besides that, the design and layout of the app is quite simple and minimal, which is pretty great. Even the customization options on the app are quite diverse, allowing you to change the look and layout now and then.

Hi Locker

If you are tired of the staple layout of the lockscreen replacement app and instead want something new and unique, we’d recommend Hi Locker. It is an Android lockscreen but with a twist, especially with how the notifications are arranged on the lockscreen. There are different themes, including Classic, Lollipop and iOS that you can choose and pick. The best part of this replacement app is the degree of customization it offers.


If you like the Windows Start kind of layout for your Android smartphone, Start is a lockscreen replacement app that you can look into. The app has slider menu options, which adds a bit of uniqueness to the layout and design of the app. There are multiple wallpaper modification options on this app too, which is quite promising. The only issue is that it doesn’t allow font changes or widget changes on the lockscreen.


Another minimal and simple lockscreen replacement app that you have to try on your Android smartphone is the AcDisplay. The intuitive interface of the application is what takes the cake. If you like using Android’s Ambient Display, the Active Mode in this app mimics that function quite well. Also, if you don’t want to get updates from unwanted apps on your smartphone, there is an option for that too.


With so many different lockscreen applications available online, picking one can be challenging. These are some of our top picks and bring forth a variety of options that we think are worth the fun. Also, these apps are amazing for users who enjoy customization options on their smartphone instead of only sticking to the plain old and boring lockscreen UI.

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