Apple’s AR/VR Headset Set to Come with Eye-Scanning Feature

Apple is continually improving its list of products and looks like the tech brand has something even better around the corner. 

Recent rumors suggest that Apple’s mixed reality headset is going to come with an iris-scanning feature, which is expected to function the same way a FaceID biometric system does. 

This unique feature is going to be named “Iris ID”, as per the latest rumors. According to the current reports, the primary objective behind releasing this particular feature will be to allow users to authenticate payments and even log into different accounts without the hassle of a manual password.

The latest news on this innovation suggests that the feature will work when the user puts on the headset. Once worn, the device will scan the iris of the user and log them into their respective accounts. So, in short, the person’s iris will be the password that will give them access to their accounts.

Also, once the wearer takes off the headset, the user will be immediately logged out of the account. But, when a family member or friend wears the same headset, the device will again use the wearer’s iris and scan them to log them into their accounts.

Use Foveated Scanning

Not only is this going to be a groundbreaking and innovative feature, but it is also expected to be a breakthrough for Apple.

The individual iris scanning tech will also leverage the same cameras that will allow foveated rendering, which will allow the headset to continually monitor the eye movements of the wearer and then contribute to optimal performance in the process.

This means that the part of the eye that is in direct focus will be highlighted in better resolution but the ones that aren’t in focus are rendered in lower resolution.

Other expected features

Besides these individual features, there are also rumors that these Apple headsets will feature a redefined design with modern touch and aesthetics. They will be a lot different compared to Meta Quest Pro.

Also, when it comes to the design and construction, the Apple headsets are expected to feature a combination of mesh fabric, glass, and aluminum, giving this a more durable and aesthetic look and design.

If you are looking forward to its launch, we’d have to say that things do look a little gloomy and red. We’d have to wait until Apple is ready with the design and features to launch them officially.

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