Apple Watch Pro is underway and Rumors are at their Peak

Apple’s products are continually expanding and its portfolio is including more and more models and newer designs in question. However, recent reports suggest that Apple is currently working on a high-end smartwatch model, titled Apple Watch Pro.

Everything is speculation at this point but reports suggest that the Apple Watch Pro will be released with the much-coveted Apple Watch Series 8. However, there are going to be a mound of differences to the specifications of the Pro version, especially with a larger display and better battery life, and a rugged design.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported that the Apple Watch Pro will be the first to get a redesign since 2018. Gurman further reports that the overall design of the Pro version will be unlike anything else, especially when it comes to the evolution from the current shape and design.

Gurman also reports that the upcoming Apple Watch Pro will come with a 7% larger display compared to the current version. Another report is about the construction, which will come with titanium housing instead of the staple aluminum that the current models have.

The inclusion of titanium will not just make the smartwatch lightweight but also contribute to more durable and rugged construction, which is better than ever. With the new low-power mode, the upcoming Apple Watch Pro is also expected to come with a better battery life that will last for days.

However, the refined design and high-end features mean that the upcoming Apple Watch Pro will come with a larger price tag. There are even reports that suggest that the model could be available for as high as $900, which is quite a lot, to say the least.

But, it is a high-end model, which means that Apple will justify the kind of pricing they are putting into the model they are selling. That aside, the higher price tag might appeal to a subset of their customers so we have to be on the lookout for that too.

Based on the leaks and reports, Apple’s line-up looks pretty promising. However, we can’t brush aside the fact that the price point might be a roadblock for the tech giant when it’s finally launched.

For more information about the specs, and launch date, keep an eye out on this space. We will continually update you on all the latest information here.

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