Apple all Set to Roll Out 5G Software Update in December

With the constant chaos that has been happening to surround the launch of iPhones, new iOS updates, iPadOS updates, etc., it isn’t surprising that there has been a peak in the demand for 5G services for iPhones.

There has been constant pressure for Apple to push out new software updates to finally enable the 5G services on the iPhones that are available and functional in India.

Taking to that pressure from the users, Apple finally announced recently that they will start rolling out a relevant software update for the users in December. 

Apple has got together with government officials in India to prioritize the need to promote the availability of 5G updates in varying iPhones. The 5G services have started since October 01, 2022, in India, as announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Taking to the buzz and the important information, Apple released a statement on Wednesday stating that the brand is actively working with other carrier partners in India to offer its users the best 5G experience with optimal network validation. They are also continually testing for quality and performance of the connected networks for optimal network speed and usability.

Since Apple is quite finicky with rolling out its services and testing individual services, it isn’t surprising that they are still in the process of testing out different features and services of the 5G network in India. 

As per the reports, the latest iPhone models, including iPhone 14, 13, and 12 series phones along with the latest iPhone SE (3rd Gen.) will have access to the 5G services in terms of compatibility and availability. These newer models will receive the 5G software update by December.

But, in true Apple fashion, the brand hasn’t responded with an official release date yet. So, users will most likely have to wait things out until the official release.

It isn’t surprising that the network providers have already released their 5G services for smartphones. However, you can’t deny the fact that smartphone users will test out the individual features thoroughly in each compatible model before rolling out the software update.

The smartphone brands are testing out bug fixes and other compatibility issues before the updates start rolling out in these individual smartphones. The same applies to Apple as well. Since the brand is targeted towards providing its users with the absolute best user experience, it isn’t surprising that they are delaying the availability until December.

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