About Us

Demicron.com is a news publication portal where you get the latest news from the world of Gadgets, Mobiles and Technology. Apart from these two categories, we also cover the latest US news bulletins as well. The journalists who write the contents are very experienced in their niches. Thus, you get the best news at the best time in the correct form.

Alex T is the mind behind Demicron. Over the years, He gained a lot of experience in journalism while covering the local US news for an online magazine company. He used to gather the news, create stories out of them, and write. Later, when she wanted to try something new on her own, He started own website to share the latest news from specific industries along with the latest US news bulletins.

he initiated the website alone, but later she added many team members, and the work on the website is going smooth. he along with her team is quite sure about the success of the website as they are working day and night to make it successful.

In recent months, Demicron.com has witnessed a sudden spike in the traffic which is very encouraging for the team, and they are working even more to multiply the traffic.