5G Software Update – Here’s When It Will Arrive

The concept and news surrounding the 5G network have taken over the world right now. It has now been over a week since 5G has been officially launched in India. To get ahead of the competitors, leading telecom providers like Airtel and Reliance Jio are already spearheading the process.

Airtel has already launched its non-standalone 5G network in eight cities across the country but Jio is currently in the process of doing 5G trials in select regions across India. Reports do suggest that Jio is planning to officially launch its 5G services by Diwali this month.

However, many users with a 5G compatible smartphone are still confused as to why they aren’t able to access the services, despite living in Tier-1 cities. The primary reason behind the issue is due to the software-oriented lock in the individual smartphone.

These kinds of locks are in place because it helps secure the phone until the individual feature is made available in the region. The brands later roll out features to take off that lock once the particular feature is released locally and globally.

With 5G services being quite new in India and across the world, most smartphone brands are still working on releasing updates to enable 5G used in the device. Brands like Apple, OnePlus, Samsung, etc. are already working on the same. 

Airtel’s detailed list of brands showcasing the smartphone brands that are ready to release the 5G compatibility update, brands like Xiaomi, Vivo, and Oppo are all set to lift that lock and enable their users to enjoy the maximum power of the 5G connectivity.

Following is a quick breakdown of the smartphone brands which will support the 5G network.

  • Apple: iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14, iPhone SE 2022 (Gen-3)
  • Samsung: Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy A33, Galaxy M33, Galaxy Z Flip 4, and Galaxy Z Fold 4
  • Nothing: Nothing Phone (1)
  • OnePlus: OnePlus Nord, OnePlus Nord 2
  • Google: Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro
  • Motorola: Edge 30-series phones, Edge-20 series phones, and Moto G 5G, and the Moto G51, G17, G62 and G82

Other brands like Xiaomi, Redmi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo, etc. have released 5G-enabled smartphones that won’t need any separate activation. The services will be automatically updated once the respective network providers release their 5G services. 

If you are awaiting the launch and compatibility of 5G services in your smartphone, we’d recommend waiting a little bit longer.

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