5 Top and Latest Android Apps You Shouldn’t Miss This Week

Applications are being continually updated to Google’s Play Store. Be it launchers or games, the list of apps seems never-ending. But we also can’t deny the fact that the use of these applications has made our lives a lot simpler and on track. However, with so many new apps that are updated regularly, which ones should you look out for?

We have sorted out the top 5 Android app picks for this week that you should look into.


With the world experiencing the direct impacts of climate change, it isn’t surprising that the need for a good weather app is around the corner. However, amidst all the available options, what stands out is 1Weather. It is arguably one of the best weather apps that you will come across right now and rightfully so. It can showcase a weather forecast of up to 12 weeks into the future, which is pretty unique and one of a kind.


How do you manage your passwords? And, if you said that you remember all your passwords, you deserve a medal because literally, no one does it now, especially with the password management apps that are available now. However, amidst all of the options, LastPass is a pretty great one that stands out. They do have a free and a premium version that you can pick from according to your needs.

Microsoft Swiftkey

The keyboard on your Android phone can get quite boring fast. If you are experiencing issues with the flexibility of typing and the availability of good customization options, we’d recommend that you switch to Swiftkey instead. It is free to use application and offers a variety of themes for you to personalize your user experience without any compromise at all.

Podcast Addict

There is a sharp rise in the usability of podcasts across the world. People are now becoming more and more attuned to listening to podcasts, especially on the go. It’s easy to listen to, accessible, and quite a fun experience. If you want an app that’s dedicated to just podcasts, we’d recommend looking into Podcast Addict. It has a very minimal and navigable UI, which is quite commendable.


Moving on from podcasts, Poweramp is a music player and unlike anything else, you will come across. It’s one of a kind, especially when it comes to amazing graphics and the motions of visuals that you get when you play your music on this platform. Also, besides the UI, the personalization and themes available on this app are pretty amazing as well. It is a free app, which is a benefit too.

How many of these Android apps do you already have installed on your smartphone? If not, which ones would you think will benefit your user experience more? Also, if you have any unique app suggestions that you think are worth the hype, leave them for our readers in the comments. We hope this guide helps you find some of the top Android apps to try this week.

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