5 Foolproof Android Apps for Productivity you Need to Install in 2022

So, you have sat down to complete your work but then a sudden ping sound and you are distracted to the source of it. Productivity is heavily influenced by procrastination and distractions. And, if you are struggling with both, installing a few of these Android mobile applications could be a game changer.

Let us walk you through some of the best apps to look into:

1. Proofhub

Before you distracted by the name of this application, let us put you back on track. Proof Hub is for those individuals who are easily distracted or get overwhelmed by their mounds of work. Using this app, you can organize your work, keep track of your progress and also set deadlines so you can reach them on time. The app also offers several project management tools, which elevates the benefits of usage.

2. Chanty

This is for all those teams that want to stay focused on their projects and their designated work without any distractions. From assigning the work to keeping track of the progress, a team can easily collaborate on this app and keep a check on the individual tasks without feeling overwhelmed easily. There is a separate section that supports audio and video calls on Chanty, which is another benefit.

3. Tick Tick

If you have a hard time with task management, Tick Tick is the app for you. This is a to-do list and task manager app that allows you to schedule your tasks for the day and then check back in from time to time and tick the ones you are done with. There are several unique features and attributes to the app that makes it stand out. Also, you get a clutter-free user experience, which further adds to the usability functions.

4. Trello

When it comes to productivity apps on Android, nothing beats Trello. It has been around for quite a few years and allows users to organize their tasks, projects and work in one destination. Not just for professional use, the application is equally rewarding for using in the personal facet. The powerful features on the app allow you to organize all your work deliverables so you have a foresight of things you need to get done.

5. Ryver

If you have a habit of using Slack for team communication, you will likely know about the benefits of Ryver. It is a collaboration app, which means that the platform enables you to keep a check on all the communication that you are having with people on the team or in the company. There are a lot of security and individual privacy options in this, which adds to the benefits.


Productivity applications have changed the way people use different applications. If you are sitting here confused and distracted from your tasks, we hope that this article gives you all the insights that you need to keep working effortlessly without any hassle. Just ensure that you are downloading apps that serve differing purpose instead of downloading the apps with the same features.

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