5 Effective Ways to Prolong the Battery Life of your Mobile

Mobile phones are a quintessential requirement in our life. They are functional, they help with communication and they are perfect for entertainment too. However, one of the most crucial factors that influence the quality of your mobile is its battery life. All of us want to get access to a device that can last for a day and more on a single charge.

So, how do you improve the battery health of your smartphone? We will highlight some of the most effective ways.

Dim the display

The brightness of the display on your mobile directly affects the battery life. If the display is too bright, chances are that it will eat away at the battery percentage. So, if you are indoors and don’t need your mobile to be at the maximum brightness, we’d recommend dimming the display. This preserves the power on your smartphone, allowing you to use it for a longer period on a single charge.

Use Battery saver mode

Almost every mobile has a battery or power saver mode. Enabling this feature eliminates the unwanted apps in the background and allow you to maximize the battery life of the smartphone for a longer period. The feature is available in the Settings and you have to enable it manually whenever you wish to save more power and prolong the battery life.

Kill the power-hungry apps

There are several applications on the mobile that eat away at the battery life without our knowledge. If you have these applications installed to your smartphone or you have them running in the background unknowingly, we’d recommend that you find ways to kill those apps immediately. They drain out the battery pretty quickly, making you charge the battery now and then.

Lock your smartphone

Want to save the most of your battery? Keep it locked. It might not make much sense now but if you have the mobile switched on with the display always on, it will drain the battery faster. That’s probably the last thing that you want. So, your aim is to conserve as much as power as you can and the only way to do that is by locking your smartphone every time you are done using it.

Update the OS

Your system updates might be taking up a part of your internal storage but they bring along a lot of upgrades to the system as well. The most important is battery optimization. When you have an updated system, the risks of lags and stuttered user experience is minimal. This also optimizes the overall battery usage, which is probably the only thing you need to optimize the battery life of your mobile.


The battery life of your mobile is dependent on several factors. So, if you aren’t paying attention to these factors, chances are that they will drain out your battery quicker than you expect. We hope this article gives you a comprehensive rundown of all the important factors you need to follow through to optimize battery life and also save it in the long run.

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