5 Effective and Proven Ways to Stop your Cell Phone Addiction

One video turns into two and you don’t even realize but you are hooked to your phone, mindlessly scrolling through the videos without any aim. Sounds like something you do daily, doesn’t it? We are so wired to our mobile phones that we don’t even realize how badly addicted we are to those small devices.

This guide will walk you through the top ways you can break out of your cell phone addiction in a few simple steps.

Start with one day per week digital detox

Going cold turkey is never going to help you overcome your cell phone addiction. It makes the urge to type away at your phone even worse. What you need to realize is that you need to take things slowly. So, when it comes to reducing your addiction or dependency on the smartphone, we’d recommend starting one day at a time. Keep your phone aside and forget about it for a day and see how it brings changes to your life.

Monitor your cell phone usage

If you work using your cell phone, it is impossible to keep it to the side and not pay attention to it. However, besides work, what do you use the phone for? Is the addiction during the night when you are done wrapping up all your work? This is something you need to analyze. What we’d recommend you do is pay attention to the usage throughout the day. Monitoring this will allow you to break down the habit more proficiently.

Use apps that will help with the self-control

There are several app locks that you can use to lock the apps that you are the most addicted to. What will happen is when you have these apps locked; you won’t have any purpose behind using the smartphone, thereby reducing the usage drastically. However, it is a type of extreme control measure, so we’d recommend starting small. Lock it for 1 hour on the first day and then gradually increase the intensity.

Don’t have a charging point near the bed

One of the most common reasons behind cell phone addiction is due to having a charging point near the bed. What this does is propel you to go ahead and use the phone while it’s charging on the side. This is one of the biggest mistakes that you can indulge in. Not just that, using your phone while charging has negative implications on your health too.

Turn off notifications

You are more enticed to reach for your phone when you notice notifications coming in. So, one of the best ways to stop your cell phone addiction is to turn off the notifications. It is one of the easiest ways to keep you on track with managing your addiction in real-time.

Trying these simple yet effective tricks should help you overcome the issues of cell phone addiction that you are likely experiencing. Just ensure that you take things slow and one day at a time instead of trying to correct things all in one day.

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