5 Easy and Effective Ways to Improve your Mobile Phone’s Security

Your smartphone goes through a lot every day. From consistent browsing to the work that you manage, it is exposed to a lot of threats that we often overlook or don’t pay attention to. Much like your PC, even your phone requires a lot of additional security. But, how do you achieve that without downloading third-party applications?

We will share more on that in this comprehensive guide.

1. Use Phone Locks

Many users find it confusing to use phone locks on their smartphones. You have banking apps, social media platforms installed on your smartphone. Lack of a phone lock puts the system at a very vulnerable position, especially if you don’t have any idea of what to do. What we’d recommend doing is using a face recognition lock, pattern-based lock or a number-based lock. This provides your mobile with an additional layer of security that you’d need.

2. Use a VPN

If you browse a lot and access websites that could impose security threats to your mobile phone, we’d recommend using VPNs as a protective measure. The VPN or virtual private network allows the users to offer an additional layer of security by concealing the IP address while you are online browsing on the internet, playing a game or accessing certain apps.

3. Use two-factor Authentication

With the increase in the different types of online frauds, enabling a two-factor authentication is very important. It allows you to secure your data on various applications that are very vulnerable to online frauds and scams. Enabling a two-factor authentication means that people who are trying to log into your profile won’t be able to if they don’t complete the second verification step, which could be an OTP based verification, etc.

4. Download safe Apps

There are random apk files that are available on the internet. And, as tempting as they sound because they offer a lot of “premium” and “exclusive” features, they also come with a lot of malware and threats in them, which is the last thing you want. So, when downloading applications, get them on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. These are the official platforms and only contain verified apps for use. 

5. Install an Anti-virus software

If you are super skeptical about things and don’t want to jinx things up, we’d recommend that you install an anti-virus software. Technically, they are quite easy to use and they protect your mobile phone against common issues like phishing, malware threats, frauds, etc. Also, they have integrated scanners that scan the mobile phone to look out for any kinds of vulnerabilities that you should be aware of.


Keeping a check on these above-mentioned pointers can help you out in the long run. If you are worried about issues with the malware threats and the security breach, these tips should be able to keep your smartphone safe and secure in the long run. Also, when browsing, enable safe browsing mode so you don’t click on unwanted ads or risky malware threats that attack your mobile’s OS.

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