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  WireFusion Widgets Changes  

The Widgets library have undergone big changes in the last update (5.0.10). About twenty new objects have been added to the category.

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These are some of the changes:


Several new widget types have been added, for example SpinBox, TextField, TextArea, ComboBox, List and Tree.


The old Panel and Label widgets have been deprecated (hidden) and are replaced by new Panel and Label objects.


The old objects Button, CheckBox, RadioButton and Slider have been replaced by new widgets.


Four new objects, ImageButton, ImageCheckBox, ImageRadioButton and ImageSlider, which are similar to the old objects Button, CheckBox, RadioButton and Slider when they were in "Advanced" mode, have been added.


The state of most widgets can now be submitted using the new Submit object. It supports submission through the methods GET, POST and E-mail.


The "look" of widgets can now be configured through the new Theme object.


Most widgets now support keyboard focus. Tab and ALT-tab can be used to jump to the next and previous widget (if support added by connecting appropriate ports).


Many widgets have keyboard shortcuts.



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