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The WireFusion Professional edition is targeted towards professional users, needing advanced features and professional results.

Advanced Logic
Except for the possibility to create advanced logic using the visual programming technique, the Professional edition includes a Java object allowing Java programmers to write and compile their own Java source code directly in WireFusion, hence adding more advanced logic to their presentations. Non-programmers can also benefit from the Java object by simply downloading and importing ready-made Java objects (logics) to their presentations.

External Communication
An ExternalLink object allows for external communications with e.g. Flash, HTML, databases etc.

Use the Professional edition to quickly create advanced configurators. Let site visitors configure textures and colors of your 3D models in real-time. Resources can be dynamically streamed from the web server or from databases.

Advanced Textures
In the Professional edition, 3D textures do not have to be static. A texture can be both animated (playing e.g. WireFusion presentations, Flash or MPEG movies) and interactive (clickable).

Custom Loading Graphics
All published presentations have a default WireFusion loading graphics. In the Professional edition you can replace the default loading graphics with your own background graphics and loading bar.

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