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  OpenGL - Limitations and Known Issues  

The OpenGL support in WireFusion is under ongoing development and the ambition is to have the same functionality and connectivity with the rest of the WireFusion environment as with the software engine, and also to support at least the same rendering features as found in the software engine.

Below is a list of limitations in the current OpenGL implementation:

• OpenGL accelerated Java Components and Java Applications in fullscreen are not supported.
• Bump mapping is not supported.
• Glossiness mapping is not supported.
• 3D measurement is not supported.
• Anti-aliasing Edge is not supported (On/Off/Auto are supported).
• Filter functions on top of 3D are not supported.
• Filled Faces and Fill Color not supported in the Wireframe and Contour rendering modes.
• 2-sided transparent objects might not always be correctly rendered.

Known Issues
Below is a list with know issues with OpenGL in WireFusion:

• Mouse events do not work with some Java versions on Linux when OpenGL is used.
• The Screenshot object does not work with OpenGL.
• Multiple 3D Scene objects in OpenGL presentations do not work.
• Diffuse Color Map Amount does not fade the map with the diffuse color.
• Reflection mode in OpenGL works differently compared to software rendering. The reflection maps are blended instead of added.


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