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Floating WireFusion Licenses
The WireFusion License Server™ allows licenses to be available (or float) anywhere on a Local Area Network (LAN), instead of being tied to specific machines. Floating licenses benefits both users and license administrators. Users make more efficient use of fewer licenses by sharing them on the LAN. License administrators can easily install WireFusion on the client machines and administrate the licenses from a single server on the LAN.

The WireFusion License Server is a server software that stores, shares and controls the licenses on the LAN. The WireFusion License Server is running as a Windows® Service on the server and can optionally be installed on more than one server in order to prevent down-time in case a license server goes down.

The floating licenses will only work with a special WireFusion Network™ version installed on the client machines. The use of the Microsoft® Windows Installer (MSI) technology allows system administrators to easily and quickly roll-out WireFusion Network on multiple clients on the LAN.

WireFusion Network Licenses
Whenever WireFusion Network is started on a client machine, a request is sent to the active WireFusion License Server. If there are unused licenses available in the WireFusion License Server database, then the client is allowed to complete the startup of WireFusion.

Network Versions
The Network version is available for the Professional, Enterprise and Educational editions, and is delivered in a box with printed manuals.

For inquires, please contact us.

System Requirements

WireFusion License Server
Microsoft Server® 2000/2003
100 MB available hard-disk space

WireFusion Network
• Intel® Pentium® IV or AMD Athlon® XP (or higher processor)
• Microsoft Windows® 2000/XP/Vista
• Hardware-accelerated OpenGL 1.5 (or higher) (*)
• 512 MB of available RAM (or more)
• 200 MB available hard-disk space
• 1024x768 resolution (or higher)
• DVD-ROM drive

Network Diagram
A network diagram showing a LAN with servers running WireFusion License Server and clients running WireFusion Network version.


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