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The WireFusion Enterprise edition is targeted towards professional users needing it all. The Enterprise edition includes all features found in the Professional edition, and is the choice for those wanting to create advanced product configurators.

A 3D API (Application Program Interface) allows advanced users to reach and change parameters in the VRML/X3D file while running a 3D presentation, using the Java language. For example, 3D models can be dynamically added/removed to a running 3D scene. Individual shapes, lights, cameras etc can be dynamically modified and controlled during runtime.

Replaceable Signature
All presentations published with WireFusion has a text string in the HTML source code saying "Created with WireFusion - http://www.demicron.com/wirefusion". In the Enterprise edition, this text can be removed or altered with your own text.

Java Component
Java developers can include WireFusion presentations into their own Java Applications by publishing them as Java Components (Java Beans).

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