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The WireFusion Educational edition is a special edition dedicated for educational institutes wanting to learn or teach WireFusion, and for scientists wanting to use WireFusion in their scientific work. At a very reasonable cost you will get most of the features found in the Enterprise edition.

In the Classroom
Use the Educational edition in the classroom and give your students an advantage on the emerging Web3D market. Make them masters in presenting concept and architectural design on the web, in creating product configurators and e-learning materials. Students can even get their own version for free.

Network Version
The Educational edition is available as a Network version, featuring a floating license system, making it easier to install and maintain.
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The Educational edition has the following restrictions; (1) End-result may not be used for commercial purposes, (2) Published presentations have a small icon in the bottom right corner with a link to the Demicron web site and (3) Published presentations have a text in the HTML code saying "Educational version - For non commercial use only".

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