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The WireFusion Java object allows programmers to easily write and compile their own Java code directly from WireFusion. The Java object can interact with the rest of the WireFusion environment through In-ports and Out-ports, or through calling other objects directly through the new WireFusion API.

The integrated Java development environment is easy to learn and will get you started in no time. Non-programmers can also benefit from the Java object, and the power of the Java language, by obtaining free and ready-made source code from either the Demicron web site or from third parties.

Java objects can be saved and reused in other projects, or shared with other WireFusion users. After your Java object is coded, compiled and working, simply save it using the Java object’s local menu or add it to the Library as a Favorite. If you want to share your Java object with other WireFusion users, but not reveal the source code, then you can password protect the object when distributing as a Favorite.

For those interested in creating fully integrated WireFusion objects and add-ons, with dialogs and property panels, then there is a Software Development Kit (SDK). Read more about how to use the Java object, the API and the SDK in the "Java in WireFusion" documentation.

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