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From Start to End
As a product company you can benefit from the WireFusion technology during the entire product lifecycle, all from the early stages of concept design to the final stages of customer support and maintenance.

Concept Design
Create interactive 3D visualizations to speed up the internal decision process. WireFusion can be used to create configurators, allowing the management to easily see different design suggestions.

Digital Prototyping
Make better and faster decisions by trying the functionality of the final product before it even has been constructed. Use WireFusion to create fully functional digital prototypes to see if your product meets the requirements.

Product Training
Train the sales force, support team, and channel partners with interactive 3D presentations.

Sales & Marketing Material
Publish your interactive 3D presentations to your web site and let customers try them out before buying your products.

Spare Parts Catalog
Let customers and dealers examine and order spare parts by interacting with 3D visualizations of your products.

Customer Support
Provide customers and support teams with interactive product manuals and technical documentations.

WireFusion allows you to easily import 3D models created in the most popular 3D modeling tools on the market today, such as 3ds max, VIZ, Maya, StudioTools, Sketchup, SolidWorks, Rhino, ProEngineer, Lightwave, Cinema4D, or any tool capable of exporting to X3D or VRML.

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