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Stockholm, Sweden (December 10, 1999)

New Java Tool for Non-Programmers!

WireFusion™ is a new Java programming tool from the Swedish software company Demicron. The program is a unique drag-and-drop visual programming tool developed for creating Java applets and illustrations quickly and easily without knowing a single line of the Java language.

WireFusion™ is a visual Java programming tool written entirely in the new Java 2. By using the drag-and-drop technique and by visually connecting preprogrammed objects with different functions the user can create advanced, interactive Java applets and illustrations in no time. The product is a fast compact Java 1.0 compatible applet for direct use on the Internet.

The program does not require any prior knowledge in programming or Java and are intended primarily for professional web site developers but can also be used by programmers for speeding up the development time or by private individuals wanting to enhance their site's appearance by using an easy-to-learn tool.

The strength of WireFusion™ is its ability to handle advanced multi-layer image processing in real-time combined with an easy programming technique. The user develops the applets and illustrations by visually making connections between different objects. Each of these objects can send or receive messages through its out- or inports. By connecting these outports with the inports, the user can construct complex programs without any programming skills. All objects have several parameters, allowing the users to change the applets appearance and functionality making it possible to give the applets' a unique look and to make them compatible with the design theme of the homepages on which they are used.

WireFusion™ provides the opportunity to create banner ads, menus, illustrations and graphical marketing effects faster than before. It reduces the time spent programming and developing. It gives a result that is professional and fast, which does not slow the downloading time of the web site. The user is no longer limited to what is offered on the Java applet market and the skills of Java programmers.

The program is released as a powerful Shareware and will be launched world wide on the 10th of December. It will be available for downloading from the homepage of Demicron. http://www.demicron.com/wirefusion/index.shtml

WireFusion™ is sold as a downloadable product from the homepage of Demicron. The price is $450 US.

Some of the Features
· Java 2 application, i.e. will work on Platforms supporting Java 2.
· Advanced Real-Time Image-processing Filters.
· Supports Multi Layer Effects.
· Programmable 256-scale Alpha Channels.
· JPEG Image Sequence Generator.
· Super fast compilation.
· Publishing Wizard, includes an FTP-client.
· Optional JAR compression.
· Easy to add objects (plug-ins), even for third party developers.

About Demicron
Demicron is a Swedish company, dedicated to developing state-of-the-art Java™ software for the Internet. The company was started in October 1996, and has since then taken the lead in the development of special effects using Java™.

Contact Information
Stefano de Carolis
President, Developer
phone +46-8-28 94 50 (Sweden)
fax +46-8-28 94 52 (Sweden)
e-mail: stefano@demicron.se

Annica Sidén
Marketing Coordinator
phone +46-8-28 94 50
fax +46-8-28 94 52 (Sweden)
e-mail: annica@demicron.se

Demicron AB
Hogklintavagen 9
172 64 Sundbyberg




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