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Stockholm, Sweden (August 24, 1999)

Creative site design in no time!
The Swedish software company Demicron has released MiniPack™, an updated and improved series of java™ applets that include menus, 3D and special effects giving web developers and designers the opportunity to develop creative site design in no time.

Demicron's MiniPack is a new applet series consisting of four packages with 4-5 updated and improved applets each, all with configurable parameters that allow the users to change the appearance and functionality of the applets. The user can change colour, text, images, and sound without any knowledge of java™ programming. This makes it possible to give the applets a unique look and to make them consistent with the design theme of the homepages they are used on. Each package in the series is created for a different field of application;

· Presentation Pack I, used for presenting text and images. Great for creating banner-ads.
· Menu Pack I, gives the user a set of different menu applets. Some of the menus support multi-leveled tree structures.
· 3DMenu Pack, consists of 3D menu applets. Several of the applets incorporate Demicron's in-house developed Java 3D engine/API, Omega 3D.
· Web Pack I, contains a mixture of menus and presentation applets.

To easily manage the applets the user can download Demicron's Visual Applet Configurator for free, a visual tool that helps the user through the configuration and installation procedure of applets on homepages. It has tailor-made configuration dialogs for each applet, which allow the user to change all the applets' parameters using a visual interface. It also has an integrated FTP-tool that takes care of all transfers of HTML-files, applets, images and sounds to and from the web-servers. The tool is easy to use and speeds up the configuration and development time for the user.

The packages are available in both a single site edition, for use on one site only, and a multi site edition. Each package is priced $49 for the single site edition, and $99 for the multi site edition.

For more information, stop by at Demicron's gallery web site: http://www.demicron.com/gallery/index.shtml

About Demicron
Demicron is a Swedish company, dedicated to developing state-of-the-art Java™ software for the Internet. The company was started in October 1996, and has since then taken the lead in the development of special effects using java™.

Contact Information
Stefano de Carolis
President, Developer
phone +46-8-28 94 50
fax +46-8-28 94 52 (Sweden)
e-mail: stefano@demicron.se

Annica Sidén
Marketing Coordinator
phone +46-8-28 94 50
fax +46-8-28 94 52 (Sweden)
e-mail: annica@demicron.se

Demicron AB
Hogklintavagen 9
172 64 Sundbyberg




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