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Stockholm, Sweden (October 28, 1998)

Demicron announces MenuMaster and MenuMaster Demo
The Swedish software developer Demicron announced today the release of their latest Java(TM) Applet package MenuMaster, consisting of 20 state of the art Menu Applets for homepages. MenuMaster is a product in the SiteEnhancement series, which also includes the popular Applet FX and Applet FX Light. Also included is Demicron's latest version of the Visual Applet Configurator, a visual tool that helps the user through the configuration and installation procedure of applets on homepages.

MenuMaster consists of a mix of 2D and 3D menus for all different possible types of homepages, both with single and multi-leveled tree structures. All applets have several configurable parameters, allowing the users to change the applets' appearance and functionality. Users can change colors, texts, images and sounds. This makes it possible to give the applets a unique look and to makes them compatible with the design theme of the homepages they are used on.

New for the MenuMaster is that some of the Applets incorporate Demicron's in-house developed Java 3D engine/API called Omega3D. Some of the features of the Omega3D-engine are the handling of phong-shading, gouroud-shading, flat-shading as well as light sources. Everything is rendered in real-time.

The MenuMaster Demo is an offline-working version of the commercial version of MenuMaster with no time limits, allowing the user to utilize the product on their local computer.

Visual Applet Configurator is the tool that manages the applets. It has tailor-made configuration dialogs for each applet included, which allow the user to change all the applets' parameters using a visual interface. It also has an integrated FTP-tool that takes care of all necessary transfers of HTML-files, applets, images and sounds to and from the web-servers. New for Visual Applet Configurator is also the ability to easily configure menu applets having complicated tree structures.

Some of the features in Visual Applet Configurator
· Configuration dialogs are tailor-made for each applet Visual Applet
· Configurator uses Demicron's own GUI components, e.g. font selection and color editing dialogs
· A security system prevents others from using your commercial applets on their own homepages
· Integrated visual FTP-tool with upload/download functions with automatic transfer of data files are used by the applets
· Applets can be tested individually during configuration The HTML files can be tested in your favorite browser during configuration
· Extensive help for each applet Easy deletion of applet code from HTML files
· Automatic detection of applets and their settings when opening HTML files
· Supported applets are ordered in a category tree
· Other developers can add support for their applets in the form of plug-ins using VAC-script
· Applet communication is supported
· Visual Applet Configurator now supports easy configuration of tree structures
· Demicron's own configuration file format is used with each applet

System Requirements for Visual Applet Configurator
Operating System: Windows 95/98/NT4.0
Hardware Requirements: 16 Mb RAM, 20 Mb HD, 486DX or better
Recommended Hardware: 16 Mb RAM, 20 Mb HD, Pentium 100 or better

License: Demicron now offers two different types of licenses
Single Site License: for private individuals or companies that only want to use the Applets on one site/homepage.
· Web Designer License: Web Designers who want to use the Applets on any number of their clients' sites.



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