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Stockholm, Sweden (July 31, 1997)

Demicron announces Applet FX Freeware and Commercial Edition
The Swedish software developer Demicron today announced the release of Applet FX, Freeware and Commercial Edition, two new products consisting of a number of Java™ applets. Also included is Visual Applet Configurator, a new visual tool that helps the user through the configuration and installation procedure of the applets on homepages.

The applets will enhance the functionality and interactivity of homepages. One of the highest priorities in the development of the applets has been to give them an attractive design. Included in the package are menus, image/text presentation tools and special effects applets.

All applets have several parameters, allowing the users to change the applets' appearance and functionality. For example, one can change colors, texts, images and sounds. This makes it possible to give the applets a unique look in order to make them compatible with the design theme of the homepages in which they are used.

Visual Applet Configurator is the tool that manages the applets. It has tailor made configuration dialogs for each included applet which will allow the user to change all of the applets' parameters using a visual interface. It also has an integrated ftp-tool that takes care of all necessary transfers of HTML-files, applets, images and sounds to and from the web-servers.

Some of the features you will find in Visual Applet Configurator

· Integrated ftp-tool transfers all necessary files to and from the web-server.
· Automatic detection of applets and their settings when opening HTML-files.
· Configuration dialogs are tailor-made for each applet.
· Visual font/color/image/sound configuration.
· Copy protection system prevents others from copying commercial applets.
· HTML-files and individual applets can be tested during configuration.
· Extensive help for each applet.
· Easy deletion/reconfiguration of applets in HTML-files.
· Available applets are ordered in a category tree.

The freeware edition includes 20 applets and the commercial edition includes 40 additional applets. There is also a copy protection system included in the commercial edition. This prevents visitors of homepages (containing applets from the commercial edition) from copying the applets and using on their own homepage.

System Requirements Operating System
Windows 95/NT4.0.
Hardware Requirements: 16 MB RAM, 20 MB HD, 486DX or better. Recommended Hardware: 16 MB RAM, 20 MB HD, PENTIUM 100 or better.


· Applet FX Freeware Edition: Freeware
· Applet FX Commercial Edition: $ 69 U.S (one license allows one person to legally publish the applets on sites belonging to that person)



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