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Stockholm, Sweden (September 6, 2002)

Demicron releases WireFusion 3 with enhanced web3D features and new streaming video capabilities

Demicron releases a new version of WireFusion with improved interface, new features and advanced add-ons, such as web3D and streaming video

September 6, 2002 - Today the Swedish software developer Demicron announced WireFusionTM 3, a new version of its acclaimed Web graphics tool. Demicron, a leading developer of easy-to-use, high-quality Java software solutions, is now shipping WireFusion 3, the newest version of the company's Web graphics tool. Also released are two new WireFusion add-ons, WF-3D and WF-Video. WireFusion is a drag-and-drop visual-programming tool developed for creating advanced and interactive product presentations for the Web in small and platform independent Java applets.

Compared to its forerunner, WireFusion 3 is a completely new program, with a new user interface and hundreds of new and powerful features and improvements. As WireFusion is capable of many different Web graphics techniques, Demicron has introduced a new concept to the tool: WireFusion plug-ins (or add-ons), which users can select to add enhanced functionality to their program.

The WF-3D add-on is an extraordinary web3D solution with top performance and specifications. Users can create 3D models and animations in their favorite 3D modeling tools supporting the 3D-format VRML (for example, 3ds maxTM) and then import them into WireFusion and WF-3D. Thus, users can easily add advanced interactivity with no scripting or programming knowledge. A new feature in WireFusion is the capability to write Java code and JavaScripts directly inside the program, which allows the user to create advanced Web-based product simulations in 2D, as well as in 3D.

The WF-Video add-on lets users stream MPEG movies into WireFusion presentations, without a streaming server or an extra browser plug-in. Video clips can even be played on 3D models, when combining WF-Video and WF-3D.

- "The new WireFusion version is really a breakthrough for us and for all our users," says Stefano de Carolis, Demicron's CEO. "No other tool on the market today can create advanced product simulations in both 2D and 3D, including streaming video and sound and without an extra browser plug-in to download. We have found that our clients love our plug-in free and small presentations".

Plug-in free
Homepage visitors can view presentations created with WireFusion in all cross-platform Java 1.1 enabled browsers. This means that no extra downloads or frequent updates are needed for viewing WireFusion 2D/3D/Video presentations on the Internet. The small presentations made with WireFusion have also been verified to work on handheld computers such as Compaq iPAQ running the Jeode JVM from Insignia.

Price and shipment
A powerful trial version of WireFusion 3 and all the add-ons can be downloaded from Demicron's homepage. The trial version includes all the registered version's functions. The price for WireFusion 3 is $399 US; WF-3D costs $1,199 US; WF-Video is a freeware add-on. WireFusion 3 is sold as downloadable software from the homepage of Demicron, www.demicron.com.

About Demicron
Demicron develops easy-to-use and high quality Java software solutions for Web graphics. Founded in 1996, Demicron is a leading developer of advanced product simulation tools for the Web. Demicron distributes its products via the Internet to more than 40 countries around the world, with customers including Intel, Compaq, Omega and Swatch. The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and with US sales based in California.

Contact Information
Stefano de Carolis
phone +46-8-564 869 52 (Sweden)
fax +46-8-564 869 51 (Sweden)
e-mail: stefano.decarolis@demicron.com

Demicron AB
Brunnsgatan 3
172 68 Sundbyberg



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