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Demicron is a privately held Swedish company, dedicated to developing state of the art 3D visualization tools. The company was founded in 1996 and has ever since focused on rich media.

"Demicron's goal is to develop and provide tools for computer visualization. Our target groups are companies that want to create interactive 3D presentations of products and architecture, with the purpose to increase the understanding and to have better and faster decisions made."

Demicron is a global leader of interactive rich media, and is known for its expertise, high quality standards and leading edge technology development. The company distributes its products and technology to more than 40 countries around the world, and with customers including Sony, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Philips, Siemens, Canon, Epson, Casio, Whirlpool, Mitsubishi, Fiat, Corvette, OMEGA, Swatch, NEC, AT&T, Bang & Olufsen, Vodafone, T-Mobile, NASA, US Army, US Coast Guard, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and many more.

The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden

1996: Company founded by students at Stockholm University, Sweden.
1997: Release of VAC and AppletFX, a set of special effects for the internet. Developement of WireFusion starts.
1998: Release of MenuMaster, a set of special effect menus for the internet. Development of 3D engine starts.
2000: Release of WireFusion 1. A visual programing tool with purpose to create interactive 2D presentations for the internet.
2001: Release of WireFusion 2. Includes a basic web3D engine.
2002: Release of WireFusion 3. Includes an advanced web3D engine.
2004: Release of WireFusion 4. Focus on web 3D.
2007: Release of WireFusion 5.
2010: Release of WireFusion 6 beta.
2011: Release of Server Rendering function.

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