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  SlideShow Transitions  


Airplane: The slide is folden into an airplan

Black Hole: The slide is sucked into a black hole

Brush: The new slide is painted with an invisible brush (random paths)

Burn: The slide burns (fractal generated)

Fade: The new slide fades in

Flip: The old and new slide flips

Flying Sheet: The slides flies away by an unseen wind (random wind)

H-Bomb: The slide is overexposed

Liquid: The new slide is built-up by liquid drops (random size, speed and position)

Pixel Fall: The slide is dissolved into pixels, which falls down

Pixel Fly: The slide is dissolved into pixels, and flies out to the right and the new slide flies in from the left

Pixel Morph: The old and new slides are dissolved into pixels and "morphed"

Pixel Rise: The new slide flies in from below

Shatter: The slide is shattered like a window

Slide: The new slide slides in from the top

Zoom: The slide zooms in


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